Friday, May 28, 2010

PTA Fundraising

The PTA are busy getting organised for their next fundraising venture - Cheese Rolls. Next week each family will receive an order form in the mail. Please make an effort to get lots of orders. The cheese rolls will be made during the weekend starting after 3pm on Friday 25 June and through Saturday 26 June. At the bottom of the order form you are asked to tick a time when you would be available to help. Please make an effort to become involved as money raised in these fundraising initiatives goes directly into providing extras that make each sudents school and learning experience enhanced.

Following is some of the items purchased for the students use through the funding from the PTA: 4 square courts, concrete and seating, library furniture, sun shading blinds for the science laboratories and drapes for other classrooms, equipment and furniture for the year 13 common room, graphics calculators for the mathematics department, a file server, plants and landscaping, data projectors, canteen chairs and a basketball 4 way hoop in the quad area.

Orders along with the money are to be into the school office by Friday 18 June.

Thank you

Verdon PTA

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