Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gold for Ex-pupil Tom Scully

Tom Scully, 19-year-old Verdon College ex-pupil, stunned the New Zealand cycling fraternity at the weekend when he won not one but two gold medals at the track cycling World Cup meet in Melbourne. Tom had expected to use the meet as a ride for experience but he cruised to win the scratch race by five lengths, beating some well-performed and experienced riders. He claimed a second gold medal when he teamed up with Marc Ryan to win the 40km madison event.

The College community congratulate Tom for his achievement.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ex-Pupils Achieve

Rebecca Debono (daughter of Bernice the Canteen lady) received news yesterday that she has completed her B.Sc with First Class Honours. Rebecca was Proxime Accessit in 2005. The dux in 2005 was Sarah Cardoso who was accepted into Medical School earlier this year. It is great to read news of the academic successes or our ex-pupils.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Water Polo

After taking part in the New Zealand Under 12 National Tournament in Auckland last September, Hannah Lieshout was one of three Southland Under 12 players to be nominated and selected for the NEW ZEALAND WATER POLO CAMP OF OLYMPIC HOPEFULS. This squad meets in Auckland on January 22-24th for a three day camp. Hannah goes to Auckland on the 21st of January. We wish her every success.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Reminder for Senior Students from the Police

The Police will be out patrolling the streets next week in regards to senior students last day of the school year.

They will not be tolerating any silly behaviour especially when it comes to egging vehicles as has been in previous years. When the egg dries on the paint work of vehicles the enzyme eats into the paint causing chipping. This is Intentional Damage and students will face prosecution if this occurs. Each panel which is damaged costs about $600.00 to repair.

They also remind students to be aware if they are driving vehicles to carry their driver's licence as any breaches of the conditions can result in a $400.00 fine.

They wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas