Friday, April 30, 2010


MOUTHGUARDS CUSTOM MADE - Students from Verdon College requiring mouthguards have been given a marvellous opportunity by THE LAB to purchase custom made coloured mouthguards for half price - now $60.00. The fitting will be done at school and the $60.00 must be paid before the fitting. If you wish to take advantage of this offer please give your name to Mrs More. Mouthguards are compulsory for rugby and hockey.

Oyster Extravaganza Raffle Results

Results of the recently held Oyster Extravaganza Raffle are as follows. Winners are listed from 1st prize down to 50th prize and are written as on the Oyster Raffle form:

The PTA wishes to thank all parents/caregivers for their efforts in selling this raffle and are extremely pleased to report that approximately $12,000.00 profit was made.

1st Lynley Mckenzie

2 Liane Toparea

3 Van Rossum

4 Katy

5 George

6 Jan DuMez

7 Sheryl H

8 Heenan

9 Paul Hura

10 Helen

11 Bill Doherty

12 A Tagomoa

13 Neal Eade

14 Carol Pikia

15 Bernie Brown

16 M Ineson

17 Ben Mulholland

18 S Tatio

19 Carol Taylor

20 Adam Heathcote

21 Stu Fraser

22 Sims Family

23 Don Thomas

24 Jan Schroder

25 Gav BPK

26 Mile Hill

27 John Baird

28 Veronica Williams

29 Brad South

30 Perrin Smith

31 George

32 Leanne Morris

33 Sandy Borland

34 Tony Bunting

35 Tania Sutton

36 Jayne Puanaki

37 Bev

38 Colin P

39 Norm Edgley

40 Mary Ineson

41 Susan Burke

42 Judy Wood

43 Jame Hennessy

44 Boyle Family

45 Boyd Mauheni

46 Lindsay Withington

47 Frank

48 Paddy Brown

49 Rita Costello

50 James Walker

Friday, April 23, 2010


Protocols and Information Night

When: Monday 26 April 2010 - 7pm
Venue: Stadium Southland Corp room 4/5

This is an evening designed for to reinforce INC protocols and to ensure all teams are made aware of their responsibilities before netball commences for 2010. It will cover a wide range of topics.

It is compulsory for every secondary school grade team and Year 7/8 grade team to have at least one representative present.

One person cannot represent more than one team.

Failure to attend Protocols Night will result in your team losing 4 competition points.